Parents: There’s Power in Numbers

Subtitle: Katy Gets Kicked Off “Sesame Street”

Last week I shared my enthusiasm for Sesame Street’s latest round of celebrity guests. Among them my childhood crush, Jason (yes, I think he’s hot) Bateman, Colin Farrell and Katy Perry.

An eclectic mix for sure. Well, it was.

For all of you moms and dads who have been living under a… mountain of dirty laundry, dishes and your kids’ strewn toys, I’ve got some bad or good news:

Katy Perry will no longer be joining Elmo in the hood.

Thanks to parental outrage that took the form of letter campaigns, emails and nasty Facebook comments decrying the immorality of having the pop singer bare her cleavage while singing a version of her hit “Hot N Cold” with Elmo, PBS execs decided to scrap the Perry segment.

Oh, the power of parental outrage.


So sunny days have returned to the street where puppies, rainbows and shaggy elephant-like mutations reside, at least according to the tens of thousands of parents who flooded cyberspace with demands that the barely clad, busty singer not be allowed into their living rooms.

Apparently, it would have been too much for said parents to turn off the TV and actually play with their kids on the day of Perry’s duet with Elmo.

In this day and age, irate parents are hair-triggered to take to Twitter and unify.

Gather the troops! It’s time to band together to protect our kids from a naughty singer who cleaned up her act to appear on a children’s show.

But, wait! What’s all that stuff coming out of her dress? Skin! Is that skin? Skin being revealed to my preschooler on national TV? The same skin that he saw being exposed by thousands of others during our family’s summer trip to the beach? The same skin he saw on the lady at Wal-Mart, and the lady walking down the street, and the mom we saw picking up her kid at school last week when it was 93 degrees out?

Look, I’m not a fan of Katy Perry or her cleavage or anyone’s upper-torso crevasses, but if you are going to give someone the boot for having a questionable reputation, then why not pick on Colin Farrell? The guy was in rehab for six weeks in 2005 after nearly dying from excessive use of drugs and alcohol. And what about Wanda Sykes, another upcoming “Sesame Street” guest star? Her vulgar profanity-laced stand-up routine is what made her a household name. What is she doing on an award-winning children’s show?

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