Paris Hilton: The New Christmas Ornament

What is Hilton hotel chain heiress, Paris Hilton, up to these days? Well, in between her many galavants, there is a lawn in Rhode Island that has a lot to say about that. Read on, if you dare.

Did you ever hear of anything so outrageous in your entire life? Is nothing sacred these days? Competing with crèche nativity scenes and winking Santas and reindeer is the ubiquitous Paris Hilton, strutting her wealthy-beyond belief blondeness on someone’s front lawn. Is this sacrilege or just plain absurd! (I opt for the latter.)
You would think she’d be too busy to do this sort of thing, what with her jaunts here and there and everywhere with everyone. Nothing against the girl, except maybe she needs a lower profile or maybe just a better publicist. Live and let live, I always say.
But a lawn ornament! What on earth are these people thinking? Perhaps nothing on earth. I think now I have heard just about everything.
I wonder what her sister, Nicole, is doing? She’s not there among the elves on the lawn with her sibling. She seems a much quieter sort, but appearances can be deceiving. Perhaps she’s doubling somewhere as a reindeer or a Santa disguised as a flamingo on still another lawn?
I think the both of them would be much more of a boon to humanity if they collaborated on a book about how to spend unearned increment outrageously!
There’s not much more to say, as a picture is worth a thousand words. Just in case you doubt my word, follow the URL below. It won’t lead you up the yellow brick road or to the emerald city of OZ. It will, however, transport you to the color version of Paris Hilton, Christmas lawn ornament. The view of the Hilton hotel-chain heiress is seen from the lawn of the home of a Rhode Island couple whose names will not be mentioned in order to protect the flamboyant.

What do YOU think of this?

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