“Park Your Car For A Penguin”

How’s that for a catchy tag line?

One transportation group says if penguins could talk they would likely urge travelers to think about them and take a bus.

“Motorcoaches are nice and don’t melt our ice.”

Another great line. The hits keep coming in an eight-page educational booklet produced by the American Bus Association aimed at sending an important message to policy-makers. The pamphlet is titled “Save A Penguin. Take A Motorcoach.”

According to leaders in the bus industry, by supporting motorcoach transportation, which gets about 184 miles per gallon and is one of the most efficient ways to travel, we can help save an ice cap or two and in turn ensure our black and white friends have somewhere safe to live.

The public awareness campaign’s goal is to get travelers to make conservation-conscious transportation choices. It details the plight of specific species of penguins whose habitats are endangered by carbon dioxide emissions. Travelers are urged to ditch their gas guzzling SUVs and cruise the U.S. by motorcoach instead. Motorcoaches are considered one of the greenest forms of travel because they produce drastically lower carbon emissions compared to airlines, trains, and personal vehicles.

According to the studies referenced in the booklet, “motorcoaches reduce congestion and pollution by taking more than 425 million cars off the road each year.” The American Bus Association estimates that one motorcoach has the ability to remove the equivalent of 55 cars worth of emissions from the road at one time. In addition, research shows that motorcoaches also play a vital role in reducing energy use and helping America cut its dependence on “foreign sources of fuel, without sacrificing amenities such as upholstered seats, personal climate controls, entertainment systems and restrooms.”

How many of you travelers have ever considered that?

Who knew we could make a difference in the fate of the penguin population by leaving our car at home and taking a motorcoach?

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