Party Games that Don’t Cost a Dime–For Teenagers and Adults

Some of the most fun (and most outrageous) games I have played at parties or gatherings where not from a box. Instead, they simply used people and maybe something simple from around the house. Save money on entertaining your guests at your next bash by having plenty of ideas for party games on hand. No need to buy board games, there are plenty of fun games that can be put together with no supplies, or with just a few things that you already have on hand. Here is one of my favorites:

Mystery Charades
This game is a combination of clue, charades, and telephone. You begin by sending three people out of the room, where they cannot see or hear what is happening in the group. The group picks three additional people as actors, and assigns each to act out 1)who the murderer is, 2)where the murder happened, and 3)how the person was killed. Each of these people can be creative in deciding their part of the mystery. For instance, the actor assigned to choose the murderer could pretend to be a celebrity, someone else at the party, or someone like a heart surgeon, or a librarian. The actors make their choices before sending anyone else in.

Next, one person is called back into the room to sit in a designated seat as the observer. In turn, each of the actors pantomimes their person, place, or action. The observer cannot ask any questions, and the actors only perform once. Once all of the actors have performed, the next observer is called in and the previous observer becomes the sole actor. This time all three parts of the mystery are performed by the same person, the one who was just observing. This person acts out all three clues, as he remembers them, or however he interprets them. The last person then comes in and the roles rotate again. Once all three observers have seen the three clues, then the last observer has to try and guess each part of the mystery.

One of the great things about this game is that the audience gets to watch how the clues are misinterpreted and changed from person to person. At the end, as in with the game telephone, things can end up completely different from how they began.