Passover – The Order

The Passover Seder consists of 15 parts. Each year Jews follow the order in their Haggadah in celebration of the freedom of the Jewish people.

Some families will sing the order as a song before starting their Seder.

The order of Seder is as follows:

1) Kaddesh – Blessing over the wine or the Kiddush

2) Urchatz – First time, washing of the hands

3) Karpas – Taking a green vegetable (parsley, celery) and dipping it into salt water

4) Yachatz – Breaking the middle matzah for half to be used as the Afikoman

5) Maggid – The telling of the Passover story

6) Rachtzah – Second time, washing of the hands

7) Motze – Saying the blessing of Hamotzi

8) Matzah – Blessing over the Matzah and eating the Matzah

9) Maror – Eating of the bitter herb (usually horseradish)

10) Korech – Eating a sandwich made from Matzah and bitter herbs

11) Shulchan Orech – The main meal

12) Tzafun – Eating of the Afikoman

13) Bayrech – Saying Grace or Birkat Ha’mazon

14) Hallel – Singing of Psalms and Praise

15) Nirtzah – Prayer

A more detailed explanation on certain parts of the Seder will follow. Stay tuned for more Jewish fun!!!