Past Time for Red, White, and Blue?

Even though Fourth of July has come and gone (so quickly!) that doesn’t mean that red, white, and blue can’t still work for home decorating. You can use them together, separately, or mix and match.

The Americana look is a tried favorite and there’s something about it’s rustic charm that makes it perfect for bringing the outdoors in or indoors out as is so popular during warmer months.

White is always a great summer neutral and various shades of blue and red can be quite summery. Putting bright red and white together always make a statement. A hot and a cool color mix nicely for stunning contrast.

That red tablecloth you picked up for Christmas can now be used throughout the year. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Fourth or July, and on into summer. Try using it with other sunset colors such as deep purples, pinks, and oranges (in the fall, use it with brown, burgundy, gold…). A white tablecloth can be used for any occasion. This is one reason I like choosing larger items in solid colors. Then, I just add festive little touches that go with the occasion.

Blue and white also work. Two cool colors can create a crisp feel. The great thing is that any kind of blue works with white. I especially like a royal or cobalt blue next to clean, fresh white. It has such an impact. Dark blue is good too. Gather all the blue items you used for the Fourth and pair them white décor elements. Add white flowers, such as carnations (which last a long time).

Powdery blues or green blues also create a nice look. Throw in some beige or another sandy color and you’ve brought the essence of the beach into your home or yard. Add texture with woven pieces such as baskets.

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