PBS Kids Sprout

“Hello, Sproutlets! Welcome to PBS Kids Sprout. We’re so glad you could join us. Use your mouse and find what you can play and do!” This is the greeting that you and your child will receive when you visit Sprout online.

You know about PBS Kids, right? Well, do you know about Sprout? Sprout is PBS Kids for pre-schoolers. Just like many other network websites, Sprout has activities for many of its shows. There is a television schedule for Sprout, as well as games and videos from many programs. Like NOGGIN, in our area, Sprout is only available if you have digital cable, but check your local company for listings. If you do not have access to Sprout, you can always enjoy the same shows with Sprout’s website.

Games are plentiful on the Sprout site. Characters and their activities abound! Jay Jay the Jet Plane has a fun flying game that you and your child can play. Bob the Builder has puzzles and mazes for you and your child. Thomas the Tank Engine has a match game, a racing game, and even a game where you can build your own engine!

Sprout also has a crafts page. You and your child can choose from just over a dozen craft projects. Each project’s instructions are presented in a pdf format so they are ready for printing. The craft projects are simple and fun to do, ranging from making a baker’s hat to a paper moon with foil stars. These provide a perfect time for you to bond with your child and have fun!

There is a special section where you and your child can get information on how to get a birthday card presented on Sprout. You and your child can design your own birthday card and send it in to Sprout with a release form. These birthday cards may just show up on the Sprout network, along with a special birthday greeting from Sprout!

Sprout has wonderful programming for your pre-schooler and the website allows you to have even more fun with your child’s favorite Sprout shows. Please visit Sprout today!