Pea Pod Mates

Photo by Radoslaw Wyjadlowski

You’ve heard the expression “peas in a pod” right? And probably the term “soul mates.” Who hasn’t?

Pea pod mates are soul mates who have peas in a pod chemistry. They’re the best of friends and it’s impossible to think of the one without the other. They just naturally go together.

Characteristics of Pea Pod Mates

Their connection is eerily uncanny to that of twins. It seems like they know what the other’s thinking and can anticipate reactions effortlessly.

They do things like end each others sentences, know when the other’s hungry (and what they’re craving), and know when they’re in trouble, hurt, or in danger.

Is It Possible to Marry Someone Other Than Your Pea Pod Mate?

Yes. It happens all the time. For one reason or another Fate intervenes and prevents pea pod mates from living Happily Ever After. (At least together. It is possible to live happily even without your pea pod mate. See the next section for more on that.)

But unfulfilled pea pod hook ups are the stuff of some of the most tragically wonderful love stories. Think Doctor Zhivago, Titanic, and perhaps the most famous of all Romeo and Juliet.

Some traditions that believe in reincarnation and soul mates believe some people are reincarnated specifically because they didn’t connect with their pea pod mate in their past life or lives. That’s their mission this go around.

Do You Need a Pea Pod Mate to Be Happy?

No. You can be happy alone or with another love, but you might not ever feel complete.

Is It Possible to Have More than One Pea Pod Mate?

Who knows? I think it might be possible since real pea pods contain more than one pea.

But then again…maybe the pods contain a certain number of match-ups within them. For instance, say the pod contains six peas total, three male and three female, and there is only one unique connection for each.

Have You Met Your Pea Pod Mate?

I like to think Wayne and I are pea pod mates. There’s always been a comfortableness and familiarity we’ve enjoyed, right from the beginning.

I know others who had their pea pod mates and lost them. Not in some tragic way, but ignored their heart and listened to other external factors instead. (Like parents saying the person was no good, or choosing to pursue career instead of investing in the relationship.)

They denied themselves wholeness but didn’t realize it fully at the time. It was only later, when no other person compared, that they realized the one that got away was their true pea pod mate.

Which is a tragedy in its own way, I suppose.

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