Perceptions of homeschooling: Homeschoolers are lazy

Newsflash! Homeschooling is not going to make your life easier.

A regular complaint about homeschooling is that people say homeschoolers are lazy and taking the easy way out. Homeschoolers don’t have to get up in the morning to take their kids to school. Homeschoolers can take days off when they want. Homeschoolers give their kids books and leave them to educate themselves.

While homeschoolers may be able to sleep in, take days off, and self learn, does not mean that homeschooling is born out of laziness. It is far easier for a parent to drag a kid out of bed and kick them out of the house so they can have 8 hours of peace.

Homeschooling is emotionally draining. As homeschooler you will have an overwhelming sense of responsibility toward your child. You will feel an urgent sense of being on a mission. You will also feel that you need to drive your child toward success. All of these feelings will be overwhelming and over time, you will learn to put them in proper perspective.

Mentally, you will be put through the wringer. You need to brush up on subjects you have forgotten. You need to sharpen your mental skills. You will need to plan creative lessons, and find resources to help teach your children. Few public school parents need to do this.

Physically, you will have so much work to do. Your housework will double. You will have to prepare more meals. You will have to drive your kids to different activities. You will have to read books when you re tired. You will have to get them to focus when they are tired.

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