Perdue Short Cuts Carved Chicken Breast

I love to eat chicken. I like chicken so much that when it comes to choosing what to make for dinner, nine times out of ten I choose some sort of chicken dish. My mother jokes that my daughter will soon turn into a chicken because we eat it so much. In any case, there is a product that makes my life a little easier when it comes to preparing meals with chicken — Perdue Short Cuts Carved Chicken Breast. The greatest part about the Short Cuts is that they are already cooked.

Although there are seven varieties of the Carved Chicken Breast, I always use the plain grilled. That grilled taste just adds a hint of great flavor to any meal. I have currently been favoring Italian and Mexican meals involving chicken. Perdue Short Cuts have helped me more than a few times. If I had to clean and cook chicken before making any of the meals that I like, I would probably end up doubling my preparation and cooking time.

To give you an example, I like to make my own version of chicken parmesan. Normally, I would take a pound of fresh chicken breasts, cut them into strips, bread them, then fry them. Making the chicken this way, not only do I have to clean the chicken first but there is a possibility of burning the breading while waiting for the chicken to cook through. When I use the Short Cuts Carved Chicken Breast, there is no pre-cleaning involved and I can judge the cook time solely by the browning of the breading. Easy, right? Of course, right!

I highly recommend Perdue Short Cuts Carved Chicken Breast to anyone who is looking for a break when it comes to cooking. It is great to eat cold right out of the package or to use in a hot meal. For those of you who have never had it, I suggest that you try it soon. You can thank me for it later.

Perdue Short Cuts Carved Chicken Breast is available is your grocer’s prepared meals section and comes in seven varieties:

Original Roasted
Fajita Style
Grilled Italian Style
Honey Roasted
Lemon Pepper Seasoned

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