Perfect Gift Ideas for a Scrapbooker

Christmas Gifts for ScrapbookersWell, we made it through Thanksgiving and I hope the American’s who celebrate had an awesome holiday. But now we are looking at another holiday that is rapidly approaching and there just isn’t much time. Do you have a special scrapbooker in your life that you’d like to buy for this year? Here are a small sampling of ideas. There will be plenty more throughout the month of December, so keep a careful watch on the scrapbooking blog.

Karen Foster Design Memory Planner
– Help your loved one get organized this year. This awesome little binder is like a calendar and scrapbook page planner all in one. Best part is, you can get refills to expand it or change it out, so it is good for a lifetime.

Picture Perfect Home Studio
– I haven’t met too many scrapbookers who wouldn’t love the ability to have a photography studio in their own home. This inexpensive kit is a great way to do just that, and additional accessories and backdrops are available for purchase. Allow your loved one to be able to take studio quality family portraits and fun photographs in the comfort of your own home.

OTT-Lite – The biggest complaint scrapbookers have is that they don’t have enough light or quality light in the area that they scrapbook. Because many scrapbookers don’t have a designated space it is important that any type of lighting system they use, be transportable. The OTT-Lite is the perfect solution, as it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It isn’t exactly budget friendly, but it is worth every single penny/nickel/dime and quarter you spend.

Scrapbooking Jewelry – Always a big hit at holiday time – especially when it is designed for the scrapbooker. Beautiful bracelets, watches, earrings and necklaces are available now with a scrapbooking theme. Check out a variety of places and you are sure to find a cost friendly, beautiful piece of scrapbooking jewelery to give to your loved one this holiday season.

Watch Monday for even more great ideas for Christmas gifts for scrapbookers.