Perfect Thanksgiving Photo Opportunities

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is seriously just over a week away. I’m still trying to figure out where the majority of 2008 went, and how we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of November with Turkey day staring us deep in the face. Obviously holidays bring plenty of opportunities for photographs, but sometimes we forget the things that we want to remember the most. So here are a few ideas for what you can scrapbooking during the Thanksgiving festivities.

Food, Glorious Food. Obviously one of the greatest aspects of Thanksgiving is all of the food. Turkey, stuffing, cranberries and more. All ended with pumpkin or pecan pie. Be sure and snap a few photos of the set table, the food ready to serve, have someone take photos of the food preparation, people enjoying the food, and the mess afterward. If you use any special recipes for certain dishes, you could photograph the final dish and create a cookbook scrapbook or recipe layout.

It’s Great To Be Thankful. Snap a close up photograph of each family member with a sweet smile on their face. Ask each member for the top three things they are most thankful for this year. Record their answers and either create a layout or a whole book on what everyone is grateful for this year. Remember to ask the kids too, their answers might make you giggle.

Family Activities. Whether it’s watching the parade or catching the football game, I am sure there are activities that you partake in each year. We often pop in a special movie, or play a game. Take photographs of the family together, engaged in various activities throughout the day. Try to get at least one photograph of each complete family. These are always treasured and sometimes can make great photos for Christmas cards.

Be sure and hand the camera around a lot. You don’t want to be stuck missing out on all the fun because you feel the need to capture it all. Remember to have a wonderful time with family and friends and have a blessed holiday.