Perks of Public Education: B = Beginning

In continuation with my A to Z perks of public education, I would like to address the letter B. For me B stands for new beginning.

Each August, I get a new beginning. Just when I feel that I am in great need of a break, it is time for summer. Summer break allows me to rejuvenate and get excited for the next school year.

When I am dealing with a difficult child or parent, I know that they too are soon to pass and a new group of children and parents will be coming into my class. Of course there are some children that I hate to see leave. However, it is very refreshing to start with a new beginning each August. Starting over each school year with a new group of children is like beginning a new adventure.

In my new beginning, I can redo things that I wish I had done differently during the previous school year. I can reorganize my room and rearrange for a completely different appearance. I can try new things and experiment with new learnings.

Many jobs do offer a fresh beginning. Some jobs can become very monotonous and tiring. You have to complete the same tasks with the same group of people. However, teaching in a public school is very different.

Some teachers do suffer from ‘burn out’. However, I can not see that becoming burnt out with teaching would be easy. Near the end of the summer, I become excited about beginning the new year and meeting the new students. One perk of teaching kindergarten, is new faces. Our students have not been seen in the school before and do not have a history with the teachers.

Teaching is a wonderful job for me. I love working with the children. I love that teaching gives me a new beginning each year!

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