Perks of Public Education: C = Creativity

This article will address another factor that I consider to be a perk of teaching public education. In today’s article, I will address C for creativity. Creativity is a major part of my life.

I have also considered myself to be a creative person. I love writing, poetry, artwork, and crafts. Teaching, especially in kindergarten, allows me to use these skills.

When teaching, I love to create creative ways to relay information to children. Even when I taught eighth grade, I would use various drawing and demonstrations to discuss science and math topics.

Teaching kindergarten allows me to sue more of my ‘artsy’ side. I can create crafts and artwork to relate with our theme. I can draw pictures and write poems to match our curriculum.

Teaching gives me the opportunity to put of my passions together. I can enjoy working with children and use a touch of creativity with it.

Working on bulletin boards and newsletters are also always fun for me. I can adjust and adapt ideas from books and the Internet.

I also enjoy writing and telling children’s stories. Teaching to this age group allows me to try out my work and get a feel for what the children like best. I can become very familiar with popular children’s books authors and illustrators and get to order new books through Scholastic book clubs.

Teaching lets me have a career and still enjoy my hobbies. I can share my skills and knowledge with my students. They glow with excitement over my drawings and riddles.

I also have access to the latest literature and art resources. I can bring home ideas to use with my own children.

I am very lucky to have the opportunity to tie these two parts of my life together. Teaching has been a wonderful experience for me.

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