Perks of Public Education: L = Love

My perk for public education today begins with L. L is for love. Teaching in the public education system has given me a great feeling of love, especially in kindergarten.

When I get to work each day, I am greeted with open arms and smiles. It is very often during the day that I am once again showered with hugs and embraces.

I cannot think of any job, other than those working with children or animals, which gives you such a feeling of belonging. I have never had a job working with adults that welcomed me as much as teaching children.

As I walk down the hallways, I am called upon and embraced by former students. They yell and smile when they see me on the playground or in the lunchroom. They bring work for me to see and updates on their latest news.

The students are ecstatic if they ever catch me out at a restaurant or Wal-Mart. They cannot wait until the next school day to announce that they saw me outside of the school day.

While I did not get this big of a reception when I taught older students, after graduating elementary school they would often come back to my school and sit around or hangout in my room and discuss what was happening in high school. They would recall the moments in my classroom and talk about what former classmates were doing.

Teaching gives you a wonderful feeling of love and belonging. It is wonderful to go to work each day and see people excited that you are there. On the occasional days that I have been absent, I have always returned to have at least one student say that he or she missed me the day before. I know that there are jobs out there that no one even realizes that you are absent.

How blessed I am to work with the love and innocence of children.


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