Perks of Public Education: N = Nurses

In my perks of public education, I would like to address a group of people today. For the letter N, I will compliment the nurses that work in the schools. Nurses have not always, and are still not in some cases, been placed inside of schools.

Until recently, my school did not have a full time nurse for the student body.

School nurses are wonderful additions to the faculty and staff of a school. A nurse is not only a service for the children and parents but also for the teachers. The nurses allow teachers to continue their teaching while a child is sick or hurt. In the past teachers were required to clean up any mess made and contact the child’s parents.

Nurses can also advise parents on deciding if their child needs to see a medical doctor. The nurse can suggest medicines and treatment for minor injuries or illnesses. A school nurse safely administers medicine to the children. They help diabetic children and children with other illnesses or diseases.

Nurses can also be helpful to the teachers. The nurse can check blood pressure and advise teachers when they feel ill.

Nurses are great to have in the building when an emergency occurs. I have contacted our school nurse on various occasions to get advice on the seriousness of an injury.

Nurses can also handle medical records of the children and ensure that all children have the proper immunizations.

Most nurses have an office where sick children can be treated or rest until their parents arrive to take them home. The nurse’s office also has many medical supplies.

Nurses can conduct trainings on how to deal with injuries, clean up blood, and administer CPR.

I am very thankful to have a nurse in our school building. Nurses are not a requirement for teaching but they are a perk!

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