Perks of Public Education: P = Parents

I have chosen the same topic for the letter P for both perks and concerns of public education. I feel that parents can be on both sides. First, I would like to discuss parents as being a perk.

This year for me has been wonderful in the department of parents. I have had very few complaints or issues that have arose with parents. In fact, I have had one parent that has been awesome to work with in my classroom.

Parents can be very supportive for teachers. Parents can help out with extra classroom duties and lighten the load with the planning of parties and field trip supervision. Having a good, responsive group of parents can enhance your teaching career greatly.

Children learn more and do better in school when parents review and work with them at home. This is a perk for teachers because they can move ahead and spend less time worrying about getting Johnny to do the work that was meant for home.

Parents can help out by sending additional supplies to school. At the beginning of each year, many teachers send home a wish list of items that they use in the classroom and usually end up purchasing with their own money. Having supportive parents to purchase a couple of supplies is a great perk for a teacher’s budget.

Parents can also be a wonderful aid in behavior issues. If a child knows that the parents expect him or her to behave in class, the child often behaves better. I find that children that worry about telling their parents that they got into trouble at school usually get into less trouble at school on a regular basis. Having parental support on discipline is also a major perk.

Parents can be wonderful assets to education. However, in my next blog I will discuss some concerns of parents, too!

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