Perks of Public Education: R = Registration

Today, I will discuss the letter R for perks of public education. A perk for public education is the registration system.

Each year, my school district holds a kindergarten pre-registration, a registration for students who plan on remaining at their current school, and a registration for new and transferring students.

Some school systems do not hold registrations. They open the first day of school and do the best that they can to deal with the children that arrive.

I feel that having a registration format is definitely a perk.

Registration allows us to get an idea of how many children will be in each grade level and which school that they will attend. Schools can also begin to create class roasters.

Principals and school administrators can then work together to place teachers where they are needed. In an ideal situation all teachers would be given their placement at the end of the school year for the following year. However, this usually does not happen for new teachers or placements with questionable numbers of students.

Teachers who will be required to move form one grade level to the next need preparation time over summer vacation. It is very difficult to change grade levels or rooms after school has begun.

Kindergarten pre-registration is a perk to discover how many new students will be added to the school student body. There are no records or previous grade levels to help determine how many kindergartens will be attending school the following year.

Registration is a big deal in my area. I cannot imagine beginning school uncertain of an idea of how many students will be attending.

Some schools have such a high turnover number in students throughout the year that it is impossible to know how many students will be at the school from month to month much less year to year.


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