Perks of Public Education: S= Services

One perk for public education among many students and parents is the special services provided. Many children receive services through public education that they would normally not receive elsewhere.

Through public education, students receive free speech and language services. These services are even offered for a limited time through the summer months. Each child is screened for speech or language disabilities at the beginning of kindergarten. Parents are notified if it is believed that their child may benefit from speech or language services.

Public education also offers physical and occupational therapy. My school has a CDC class for physically and mentally challenged students. These students receive therapy and exercise through the school system.

Public education offers free and reduce lunch and breakfast services that allow children of qualifying families to eat lunch and breakfast at no or reduced charge. Breakfast and lunch are served daily so parents do not have to worry with fixing these for their children.

Public education also offers a wavier program for students of qualifying income families to receive free extra services such as field trips.

Public education offers free testing of students who are believed to have learning, behavioral, or psychological disabilities. This testing can be completed at the parent’s request.

Most public schools have a guidance counselor available for children who need to talk. If a child is having trouble at school or at home, he or she can receive counseling from the school counselor free of charge.

Public schools periodically conduct vision and hearing screening. Parents of children who are believed to have hearing or vision lost are notified. In addition, children are periodically offered the opportunity to have free sealants placed on their teeth. A dentist comes to the schools and offers this service free of charge to parents.

Public education offers many services that are provide great benefits to children.


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