Perks of Public Education: T = Transportation

Many issues have been discusses about the perks and concerns of education. Some perks have been for the teachers, while others have addressed parents and students. The perk today is a perk for all three.

The “perks of education” series is now ready for the letter T. T stands for the perk of transportation.

The public education system provides transportation for the students to attend specific schools.

Providing a school bus for students to ride is not a requirement. School buses are a perk or a privilege. If students do not exhibit appropriate behavior on the school bus, their rights to ride the bus can be revoked for either a period of time or indefinitely.

School buses are a perk for parents. School buses are wonderful for parents who are unable to take their children to or pick up their children from school each day. Some parents work hours that make it impossible for them to pick up their child in the afternoon. However, they can be at the house before the bus arrives with their child. School buses are also great for parents with smaller children at home. They do not have to get the smaller children out in the mornings to take older children to school.

However if parents prefer to take and pick up their children, they may do so.

Special school buses are provided for children with handicaps and children in wheelchairs.

School buses are provided for field trips and other class trips and school functions. Without school buses, many of these would not be able to take place. Teachers would not be able to take their students on trips without school buses. Therefore, school buses are a perk for teachers as well as parents and students.

Much controversy has taken place over school bus safety. Many states are considering school bus seat belt laws in order to ensure that all school buses have seat belts and children are securely buckled when they are on the bus.


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