Perks of Public Education: U = Uniqueness

Learning and teaching in any form can be very rewarding. However, there are many perks in teaching and learning through public education. Many perks have been addressed thus far.

Most public education systems have at least one teacher per grade level. Many schools have three or four teachers per grade level. One great perk of the public education system is the unique style of teaching and learning that the student experiences from have many different educators in his or her education career.

When students pass from one teacher to the next, they gain many different experiences. Each teacher has his or her own unique style of teaching and relaying information to students. Although textbooks, standards, and guidelines are set, teachers involuntarily and sometimes voluntarily add their own personal experiences to their teaching.

Some students prefer and gain more from one style over another. Having many different teachers in a school can better accommodate the personalities and style preferences of all of the students. Some schools allow parents to request teachers that better fit their child’s learning needs.

Schools or education systems that have few teachers or teachers that teach the children for more than one year can limit the different types of learning experiences that a child receives.

When a school has various teachers teaching different grade levels, a child that has a conflict in personality with one teacher, may have no troubles the next year with a different teacher.

The public education school system allows students to work with a variety of teachers and personalities. Some teachers use humor and a more outgoing personality to teach the students. Other teachers are more reserve and have a caring, loving approach to teaching. Students can gain a lot from experiencing all different types of learning.

The public education system’s uniqueness of teachers can add flavor to a child’s educational career.


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