Perks of Public Education: W = Worth It Moments

I have talked with many different teachers from many different areas and one thing I have found all teachers have in common. No matter what kind of teacher I spoke with or what grade level he or she taught, each of them could detail a “worth it” moment.

As a teacher, it can be very easy to become frustrated or dishearten with your job. There are days that teachers might feel that no one learned or listened to a word that was spoken. There are days when teachers feel that all they have done is fuss and discipline. There are days that teachers wonder if it is “worth it”.

Then all of a sudden, a “worth it” moment occurs. A “worth it” moment is a moment when a teacher realizes that his or her job has been successful. He or she has touched the life of a child. A child has learned or experienced something new. At this moment all of the negative thoughts are forgotten. A new spurt of energy takes over and many teachers feel that they can conquer the world.

For me, as a kindergarten teacher, there are several “worth it” moments. A “worth it” moment may be as simple as a hug and a smile at the end of the day.

An even bigger moment can come from an outsider. These moments occur when a parent or another teacher compliment on a job well done or effort that was put into a project.

Too often we, as teachers and humans, put too much stake into self-satisfaction. We need and feed off of the praise from others. It becomes very easy for us to forget that it is “worth it” just to do what we know is right. While teachers must continue to give one hundred percent at all times despite negative obstacles that may occur, special “worth it” moments sure make the road a lot less bumpy!


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