Perks of Public Education: Y = Young Minds

I am down to the last two letters in the perks of public education. Although, I will just be discussing twenty-six of them, teaching is full of many wonderful perks for me.

One major perk in teaching public education is the opportunity to work with young minds. The minds of children are so refreshing and pleasant to work with. In most cases, the thoughts of children are pure and untouched by bias, hatred, and worldly issues.

It can be a very big eye opener to hear and see how a child’s mind thinks. Children can be very honest and open speakers and thinkers. They tell you exactly how they see things no matter if it is what you want to hear or not.

I love listening to the stories of my students on Mondays or after long weekends and holiday vacations. They have their own interpretations of why and how things occur. In some cases the world is much clearer through the eyes of a child.

Watching and listening to children during free play can also be an eye opening experience. Children usually imitate the actions and conversations that they have heard from their parents or caregivers.

Seeing or hearing yourself imitated through the actions of a child can make you rethink and reconsider how you handle and conduct yourself.

I also enjoy working with young minds because they can be so impressible. I had much rather young children hear and learn about the world through loving and caring experiences than from negative influences. In my lessons, I try to relay information and instill values in the children that will allow them to remain pure and innocent.

I try to help them learn to be kind, helpful, and love one another.

I only wish that more adults could be as willing to accept and adjust like children.


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