Personal Prayer and How it Soothes the Soul

My word, my life has been in utter chaos since November. First we got hit with that ugly, nasty, completely insane California flu (hated that thing!). My husband and I rolled over in bed morning after morning, just blearily smiling at each other before bursting into a fit of coughing. Christmas came and went as one illness after another hit our family and finally on February 1st, my sweetheart was admitted to the hospital. Never could we have imagined the emotional and psychological roller coaster we had just fastened our seatbelts on. I have described this five week hospital stay as days of unrelenting boredom broken only by moments of stark terror. And through this time, despite the fear which threatened to crush me, it was personal prayer that kept me strong. I heard whispers of “She’s so strong” from those around me. In my mind I would respond, “If they only knew.” Those times when reality dictated my husband wouldn’t live another day were the days I spent in constant prayer supplicating my Father in Heaven to preserve my husband’s life. Time and again I felt that deep, abiding warmth and peace which pervades the listening soul in answer to prayer. Over and over again it was whispered to me, “It is not yet his time.” I clung to those times and now, as I work at my computer with my husband watching “Everybody Love’s Raymond” downstairs I whisper in gratitude to my Father in Heaven, “Thank you.”

Personal prayer is a precious gift given to each of us. We were never meant to walk this mortal path alone. How often do we use it? How often are we sincere about it? How often is this priceless gift used in your life? For me, I survived the last two months only by the power of personal prayer.

Is anyone willing to share like experiences?