Personalized Valentine Gifts to Display on Your Walls Forever and Always

In addition to personalized Valentine’s gifts to display in your home, I found some wonderful personalized pictures and photo frames too. Again, you could bring these out just for seasonal décor…or you could leave them up all year round to celebrate your eternal love.

(All were found at Personal Creations.)

Prints and Canvas Pictures

Lover’s Lane Parking Sign: This one is so cute and unique. Might just give you some ideas about hopping in the back seat for real! $19.95 SUPER FAVE

Romantic Sunset Canvas: Choose from framed, unframed, two lines or three. Write your names in the sand, or include a personal message. $34.95-$79.95 (Depending on what size you choose and whether frame or no frame.)

Bear Couple Carved Heart Canvas: Engraved in the tree to the right of the two bears snuggling are your names. $34.95-$79.95 (Depending on size and frame or no frame.)

“Perfect Pair” Canvas: His name on the King of Hearts, yours on the Queen. $34.95-$79.95 (Depending on size and if you choose to frame it or not.)

Cardinal Couple Slate: Two couples sharing a snuggle on a branch, your names engraved in the trunk. $17.95

Photo Frames

“True Love” Frame: Put your favorite couple photo in this frame etched with an endearing sentiment and ending with your names. $19.95 (3 ½x5 frame) $24.95 (5×7 frame)

Oversized 3-D LOVE Frame/Sculpture: “Together Forever” with your names underneath make up the frame portion, then you have room to store you favorite romantic CDs and keepsakes. $24.95 SUPER FAVE

“This is What Love Looks Like” Frame: You supply the picture of what that might be. $24.95

L-O-V-E Photo Frame: The “O” in the “Love” is in the shape of a heart and where you insert your picture. (And your names appear within the “love”.) $19.95

Love at First Sight Frame: Pop in a picture of you and your honey gazing into each other’s eyes perhaps? $17.95

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