Pet Mess Cleanup

Now there’s a bad omen for your day: I woke up this morning to the sound of dogs barfing in the mist. Every so often, Miss Lally Bee hucks up some icky bile. My poor baby girl has a sensitive stomach, I guess… she’s also a picky eater. I wish she had the “run to the bathroom” reaction that people manage to develop. Barf on tile is much nicer to clean than barf on shag carpet. (Yes, the seventies live on in my bedroom!)

Ugh. Still half asleep, I grabbed a handful of tissues to sop up the liquid and hustled the dogs downstairs and out into the yard. Stumbled back upstairs, armed with paper towels and a bottle of Resolve Triple Action.

For piddle messes, I like Nature’s Miracle. It’s got the whole odor-neutralizing thing going on so Moose isn’t tempted to mark the spots where Lally has piddled. In my last apartment, he was the Mark Master. My poor recliner belongs to Moose many times over! Nature’s Miracle finally helped end that problem, though. And Moose has been quite the gentleman since we moved into a house. If you ask me, Nature’s Miracle works by magic. If you ask someone more scientifically inclined, it’s got enzymes that totally destroy urine odors. But I digress!

The Resolve is great for the colorful barf messes. If they ever need a non-celebrity endorsement, I’d totally do it. Mop up the mess as much as you can, spray liberally with Resolve, and let it do its magic for five minutes or so. I gave it a shower’s worth… and came out with fresh paper towels to soak up the remains of the mess.

And now? No sign of the yuck. The green shag will live to see another day. Maybe I’m not as thrilled about that part. The only drawback to Resolve vs. Nature’s Miracle is that Resolve can be an eye and/or skin irritant. Don’t let your pets or children play in the wet spot! According to the label, Nature’s Miracle is safe for pets and kids and won’t mess with your carpet color.

So… now you’ve got some ideas the next time you wake up to the melodious sounds of barf in the morning! And if you’ve got some magical remedy… PLEASE let me know!