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My friend has created a scrapbook for every member of her family. And by every member I mean even the ones that don’t walk on two feet. Alex the dog, Kitty the cat and Winkie the gerbil each have scrapbooks chronicling their lives as treasured members of the Richter family.

You’d be surprised by how many scrapbook supply companies actually sell gerbil stickers.

Don’t wait until your beloved pooch has passed away to create a scrapbook in his memory. Now is the time to take photos, record milestones and tuck away mementos of special moments. Once you’ve collected your pet’s keepsakes, then you can create a loving tribute in the form of a scrapbook.

Some key items to include are:

*Photos of your pet with individual members of the family

*A group shot of the family with your pet

*Fun photos of your pet playing with his favorite toy

*Date of pet’s birth (or adoption) and death

*Lock of your pet’s fur

*A corner or swatch from your pet’s favorite pillow or blanket

*Awards won at pet shows

*Ribbons or other honors your pet may have collected over the years

If you like to journal, feel free to add a few notes about the day you brought your pet home, vacation stories or other funny pet anecdotes. You could also journal about holidays. My aunt’s dog once ate three Easter baskets filled with chocolate and lived to bark about it. That incident would make a hilarious journal entry. The layout could feature the journal entry, plus photos of the dog with the baskets, Easter-themed stamps, stickers and die cuts, as well as dog-themed scrapbook supplies, such as 3D dog stickers, tags and brads.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating interesting and memorable layouts for your pet’s scrapbook. Don’t forget to add a page or two describing your pet’s pedigree and/or grooming rituals.

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