PetCo is Having A Spring Sale This Weekend

dog and cat Pet owners quickly realize that dogs, cats, and other pets are in constant need of certain supplies. Just like humans, they will always need food, treats, and toys that keep them entertained. In order to keep expenses down, it’s best when you can get those kinds of items on sale. This weekend, PetCo is having a sale that will give you 20% off the cost of nearly everything on their website.

PetCo is having a 72 hour “Spring Sale” this Easter weekend. The sale began today, Friday, April 22, 2011, and will continue through Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011. Their website has been conveniently separated according to type of pet, in order to make it easier for pet owners to locate the kind of pet supplies that they need.

Choose from Dog, Cat, Fish (which actually means fish supplies), or Live Fish (which means pet fish, or live rocks). There is a Small Animal category, which shows a picture of a very cute little gerbil (or perhaps that is a hamster). Other categories include Ferret, Reptile, and Bird (which includes pet supplies for birds, as well as feeder supplies for wild birds).

You don’t have to use any kind of promotion code in order to take advantage of this sale. It seems that you do have to shop the sale from the website, however, instead of their physical stores. If you are buying more than $59.00 worth of stuff, you can use the promo code 72mega59 in order to get free shipping. Certain items, like dog and cat food, cannot be included in the free shipping deal.

PetCo has some Spring Apparel for those who enjoy dressing up their dogs in cute little outfits. The Spring Apparel line is included in the Spring Sale. Choose from some cute doggy t-shirts, or some doggy dresses that have ruffles on the back. There are even hair bows and bandannas. It is my understanding that some dogs truly do enjoy wearing clothing, while others cannot stand it one bit.

Other interesting items from PetCo include a line of toys that are made entirely from natural materials. There are stuffed animals designed for dogs to play with, tug of war toys made from natural rope, and even a “bird kabob” for your bird to have fun destroying.

Image by Phillip Torrone on Flickr