Photo Tag Book

Last year for Valentine’s Day I made my son a mini photo tag book. It was titled 10 Things I Love About You. Being a typical teen age boy it isn’t anything that he will admit he likes. The book moves around his bedroom every couple of weeks so I know he is looking at it occasionally. A big challenge for me was making the tag book masculine enough for a teenage boy to appreciate.

First, I came up with my quick list of 10 things I loved about him. Things like his smile, his sense of humor, passion for music and adventurous spirit. Then I sorted through old photos to find one that represented the trait that I loved. It was the perfect use for extra photos that didn’t make it into the scrapbook.

Tag BookIf you are a crafter, scrapbooker or stamper you have most likely either seen a tag book or created one yourself. It is basically mini book with mini removable tags and photos. I made mine from cardstock and embellished with coordinating decorative paper, stamps and all sorts of the cool scrapbooking accessories that are on the market. Darker colors and twill tape instead of ribbon kept the masculine feel. On one side of the tag I hand printed the trait; on the opposite side of the tag I put the corresponding photograph. Since my book was so small I only had room for one tag per page. You could definitely do more page or more tags as you needed.

A year later the book is still prominently displayed in my son’s bedroom. I hijacked the book to take the above photo only to have my son promptly start interrogating me as to why I had his book. I highly recommend thinking outside of the standard picture frame or scrapbook to share your photos with loved ones.