PhotoBook Creator

Have you every wanted to create your own bound book, but thought that it would be too expensive or just too much trouble? I have just discovered a new product that make creating a bound book on your own home a very simple process. The PhotoBook Creator is a new tool that actually binds the pages of your book or album into a professional looking book.

This product could be very fun for scrapbookers. Using this product to create a bound book who be a special way to preserve layouts or would make a wonderful gift.

A starter package is available which includes a binding machine, a 3mm PhotoBook cover, 2 5mm PhotoBook covers and software. This retails for $119.00. The binding machine can be used over and over, so once you make the initial investment, it will be something that you will be able to use for a long time. This can be purchased online at both Target and Best Buy.

The kit does come with software that you can use to create digital layouts. You can also choose to create your layouts on your own favorite computer program, or you could bind a traditional scrapbook page. You will not be able to fit as many traditional pages into the album because of their thickness.

You can also purchase the covers separately that cost around $15 for a two pack. This is actually less expensive than many albums.

This works by placing the pages of the album into the cover. The cover is then placed into the binding machine and it takes 90 seconds for the machine to work it’s magic.

You can use almost any type of paper in the albums.

Although this is not something that I would want to use on most of my albums, I think this would be could be used to create special gift albums. It would also be a nice way to preserve the pages from a special vacation or event such as a graduation.

For more information, you can visit the MyPhotoBook Creator website. I recommend watching the demo video so that you can see how easy this machine seems to be to use.

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