Photographing Children Part One

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately, so I’m starting a new three part series on Photographing Children.

Kids grow up so fast. You blink and it seems the time is lost. While we are often filled with wonderful memories of their years growing up, most parents only have the yearly school portraits, some blurry holiday snapshots, terribly forced smile pictures, and photos with eyes closed, strange faces and no smile.

Is that the way you want to remember your children?

It isn’t the way to account for the years that have passed. Our memories are too precious not to have some great shots of our children. We want the pages of our scrapbook albums to be filled with wonderful images of our children.

I think it’s time to start really focusing on improving our photography skills and what better subject to photograph than your adorable children.

It often seems, the main focus in many people’s scrapbook albums is their children. But photographing children can propose many challenges. Between goofy smiles, blinking eyes, and blurry movement shots, catching a good photo can seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be.

While it can be challenging at first, if you know some basic info, practice a lot and you follow the tips offered in this series, you might just get some award winning shots that are most definitely scrap-worthy. And you won’t believe that you actually took that photograph!

The very first tip I’d like to share is easy. Bring that camera out often. The more your children get used to seeing the camera and having their photo taken, the more natural they will become in front of the camera. Your photographs will seem less posed and more genuine. Be sure and have it handy to capture even the mundane things in your everyday life. If your child is accustomed to seeing that flash a lot, they won’t be so apt to stop what they are doing and become interested in what you are doing, which typically rewards you with a false smile, or forced grin. Scrapbookers usually have a camera out a lot to capture all those great memories. The more you use the camera, the more natural your pictures will become.

Please watch for the next article in the Photographing Children Series by continuing to check out my blog.