Photographing Children Part Two

Here are some more great tips you can use to take terrific photographs of children! I’ve included a few examples to help you really see what I am talking about.

Eye Level

When taking a photograph of a child, be sure and get down to their level. Taking a photo at a child’s level is one of the greatest ways to become a part of their world. At this angle, the child is not required to look up or down to accommodate the camera, getting a more natural look. In these photos, the photographer got down to eye level with the child. The photo’s seem more natural that way, and eliminate those strange faces when looking up or down at a camera. Here you can see how easy it was to really capture these children on a nice even level.

Fill the Frame

Zoom in and really fill the whole frame. Use the zoom feature on your camera, or really get close up. Fill that frame with your subject. As you can see in these photos, getting in close really makes that photo stand out. There are no distracting backgrounds; the focus is on the child, where we want to viewer’s attention to be.

Catch Them Anytime

Capture your children while at play. Perhaps when they aren’t directly looking at the camera, or maybe when you just say their name right when you’re ready to press that button. Catch them off guard, catch them enjoying life, or simply doing mundane everyday things. These can lead to the most natural facial shots of all. Try to catch them engrossed in an activity, those shots are often priceless. Here are a few examples of catching them anytime.

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