Photography Week in Review for March 10-16, 2008

T-minus 7 days until snap happy parents go wild on Easter Sunday. Are you ready? If not you’ve come to the right place. This week I provided tips on how to get ready for the upcoming holiday photo shoot. But that’s not all I covered. Find out what happened when I took my 3-year-old to take a picture with the Easter Bunny and why some people are so opposed to having others take their photos. Also, learn how to compose a unique shot, and much more in this installment of the Photography Week in Review.

March 10th—-Preparing for Holiday Photo Shoots. I know. I know. Some of you haven’t even looked through the photos you shot at Christmas, and Easter is right around the corner. Time waits for no man and that goes double for overworked parents who desperately need to find room on their camera’s memory card to accommodate Easter shots. And if getting those prized shots is more challenging for you than finding the golden Easter egg you will appreciate the tips listed in this blog.

March 11th—-Camera Features That Make Capturing Smiles Easier. If you struggle to get camera shy subjects to smile then you might consider investing in one of the cameras I featured in this blog. They come equipped with advance technology that locks in on your subject and waits until it detects a smile. It’s a huge gift for parents with toddlers or moody teens whose smiles come and go as fast as Speedy Gonzalez runs.

March 12th—-Do You Hesitate to Ask Others to Take Your Picture? How many times has this happened to you: You and your family are visiting a picturesque vacation spot and you want a group shot of the entire clan, only you forgot to pack your tripod and there isn’t anywhere for you to place your camera and use the self-timer feature. You want to ask a fellow visitor to snap a shot of your entire brood, but others in your group resist because they don’t want to “bother” a stranger to take the photo. What do you do? Find out what I do in this blog and whether my techniques might help you.

March 13th—-Photo Tips: The Eyes Have It. I don’t know what is more frustrating–having a child who won’t look at a camera or having one who won’t smile for it. For me it’s the former. A person’s eyes can grab one’s attention and often speaks volumes for his personality without him having to say a single word. Because of this, nothing has more influence over the mood of a photo. This blog details the important role eyes play in a portrait shot.

March 14th—-Taking Pictures with the Easter Bunny. It’s that time of year again… our annual trip to the mall to visit the Easter Bunny. For three years I have desperately tried to get my daughter to pose with Peter Cottontail for an Easter portrait. So was I finally successful? Find out in this blog.

March 15th—-Creative Composition. I can’t get enough of a recent picture my friend sent me of her family members perched in a tree. Talk about creative composition. If you are looking for unique ways to spice up your family’s photos consider reading this blog.

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