Photos From The Past Brought to the Present

rochelle2I recently finished the photo slide show DVD of all of the photos of me from birth to graduation. My fourteen year old son, Mason was hanging out in the living room with me a couple days later. It was a very typical morning for us. Mason eating breakfast and me watching the local news. He asked me if anything else was on TV. Oh how he was going to regret asking that question, it was the perfect opportunity for me to share my video. Surprisingly he didn’t look for an excuse to make a quick exit from the room.

As Mason watched the slide show he recognized Aunt Val, Grandma M and Grandma T. Of course they are much younger in the photos than anytime he could ever remember seeing them. He commented on all the different dogs I had growing up and wanted to know why he couldn’t have one or two or three. He enjoyed watching my weight go up and down through my teen age years.

We watched my husband’s movie from birth to graduation a couple weeks ago. Funny at that time we commented how much my son looked like his Dad. While watching my movie it was even more obvious that my son looks more like me than his Dad. Mason made a comment about how he was a part of us both so it would only make sense he looks like both of us.

For me the slide shows have been a lot of back straining work to scan but to bring the past to our present is so rewarding. It puts my current life into perspective and makes it so much more important for me to document my son’s life. I want him to one day share his childhood with his own children.

I mailed a copy of my slide show to my Mom and sister. Just in case we had a disaster at my house I wanted copies to be somewhere else. Plus I think they will both enjoy seeing the slide show. I hope to hear comments from them soon.