Picking a Title for Your Scrapbook Layout

Sometimes picking a title for your layout is the hardest part of all. Or maybe this is just me? But, often, I will work on a layout and complete everything but the title, and still be completely stumped. Usually, I like the title to be a little different, but also to give you a feeling for what the page is all about. Using words like sweet, precious, adorable, etc. can get a little old after you’ve been scrapbooking for over 10 years. So many times, you have to get creative! But, that is the point of scrapbooking right?

Here are a few of my titles for layouts I have done:

*Say Goodbye to the Mullet – Obviously this was for a picture about giving my sweet daughter her first haircut. I included both before and after pictures.

*Girls with Tools Rule!- This was a layout of my daughter helping her Daddy “fix” something. The pictures included her playing with his tools.

*It’s Official, You’re a Hoot!- A layout using Owl papers, and pictures of my son as a baby making funny faces.

*Not Happy – Usually when we think of scrapbooking, we think of all the happy moments. This was a layout of my son crying. I just thought he looked so cute, I had to scrapbook it! The “real” moments of life can be just as fun to scrapbook.

*Confessions of a First Time Parent- A layout of a picture where my daughter had drawn all over her face with a red pencil when we weren’t paying attention! Oops!

You Are “One”derful- A layout of my daughter when she turned one.

It is definitely OK to have your traditional titles as well like, “5 months”, or “Tybee Island”. But, picking a title can be a fun way to spruce up your page. Keep in mind that your title can be short or long. If choosing a longer title, mix and match large and small alphabets so you can easily fit it on the page without overwhelming the whole space. For more creative titles, try using a play on words like, You are “Two”-rific for a 2nd birthday layout. You can also look at quotes to put on your pages and use a part of the quote for your title. There are really endless possibilities to what you can do for your title so, get creative!

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