Picky Eater? Worried About Your Child’s Nutrition? 10 Tips to Get Them to Eat!

2. Let them help. They will be proud of how cool it was to be a part of making their meal, and more likely to eat it all up. Even just letting them get items out of the fridge or cupboards can get them excited about eating.

3. Choose what foods you know they love. Sneak in some other foods along with it, and see if they end up eating it! Everyone needs a good variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains. Most kids get stuck on a few foods that they like, and won’t eat anything else.

4. Let them not eat. Skipping one meal won’t hurt them. They could learn their lesson next meal time, and understand that if they don’t eat their food they will be hungry! This works with some kids.

5. Show them a variety of foods early in life. Choose a variety of healthy foods and get them eating them early. That way, when they get older, food that might look strange to them, won’t. Even if they are a little older, introduce them to new foods consistently.

6. Let them pick out what they would like to have to eat. Pick out some items for them to choose from. Sometimes the power of just being able to choose what they will eat will have them chowing it down.

7. Take them grocery shopping with you, and point out foods that they haven’t tried yet. Let them choose some items to put in the cart. Talk about what you’re going to eat for dinner, etc.

8. Don’t cater to them. You are not a restaurant, and food should not be wasted. Explain to them that what is put on their plate is what everyone is having for their meal. If they don’t like it, you are not going to make something else for them. Stand your ground though, because they will test you!

9. Eat dinner together as a family. Talk about your day, let them talk about their day, talk about how they feel, etc. Sometimes just eating together makes them feel like this time is special, and is specifically made for eating time.

10. Maintain a routine. Eat your meals at about the same time every day. This way, they will know when breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack times are. They will know what to expect. If they want something to eat in between those times, they will just have to wait until it is time to eat!

I hope this helps! Happy, healthy eating!