Picture Perfect Home Studio

Picture Perfect Home Studio KitIsn’t it a joy getting beautiful portraits taken of perfectly smiling, happy children and babies? And it is so rewarding to have that family photograph where nobody looks bored and everyone is completely focused on the camera and smiling, right? Of course you shouldn’t mind the fact that junior might have cried for fifteen minutes before that picture could be taken, and that seventeen shots were taken before everyone was looking at the camera – right? Isn’t that more like what a studio portrait session is like with kids anyway? Did you have to pack up countless numbers of snacks and juice? Feed children just before? Plan around nap time? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just take studio style photographs from the comfort of your own home? Well, now you can!

Picture Perfect Home Studio KitThe very cool and affordable Picture Perfect Home Studio makes it possible. This amazing kit is an adjustable 6’x7′ studio-style backdrop which you can use right in your own home. It is folds conveniently down and is completely transportable so you can take it anywhere you go. You can even add more accessories and different color backdrops.

The coolest part is it works with any type or style of camera, and there isn’t anything special to buy to make it work. It comes with everything, is fully adjustable to accommodate a larger group and is easy to store in a small space.

The idea of being able to take monthly portraits of babies or children, pregnancies, holiday photos and more, is reason enough to want to own it. And the price won’t break the bank, it is easily affordable and can be ordered right off the Picture Perfect Home Studio site.

Do you have one of these? Any thoughts on the product? I’d love to hear your opinions both good and bad. These seem like a perfect solution for me. Five kids is not easy to get great photographs of. Let me know your thoughts, please.