Picture-Perfect Prom


Love is in the air… or maybe it’s teen spirit.

Tis the season for high school sweethearts and groups of friends to embark on a spring ritual that helps define teendom–prom.

Without a doubt the formal dance is one of the most memorable moments of one’s high school career, so it pays to capture every angle of the special night. For parents, that may mean taking a crash course in prom picture-taking. Some tips to consider include:

Pay Attention to Details: This is a theme you should remember throughout the night in every aspect of your shoot. For instance, even before you start taking pictures of the prom couples, be sure you pack extra batteries, a spare memory card and your patience. After all, you will be dealing with teenagers who tend to move at their own pace. In addition, before you press the shutter button on your camera it’s a good idea to look over your subjects’ attire. Fix any wardrobe malfunctions or hair issues prior to having your prom subjects pose for the camera.

Location: Mix it up by taking some prom photos inside and some outside. Regardless of where you are, it’s a good idea to find a background that doesn’t feature too many distractions. Look for an uncluttered background that is void of tall objects such as trees, power lines and telephone polls.

Lighting: Natural light is ideal when taking prom photos. If you are taking pictures outside place your subjects so that the sun is shining on them and is at your back. Likewise, if you are taking pictures inside, flood the room with natural light via windows and doors. You can also use lamps and overhead lights to fill in shadows.

Poses: In addition to the traditional group shots where your teen subjects are posed in a straight line or staggered on a staircase, consider snapping some unique angles. For example, you could shoot up while the teens are getting into the limo or climb on a stool and shoot at a side angle as the girls help their dates pin on colorful boutonnieres.

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