Pieces of Home Scrapbook Layout

Awhile back, I jumped on the “All About Me” Theme Albums. Since I’m the one normally behind the camera, there wasn’t a lot about me in my books. So I began creating pages that reflected more about who I am, and the things I enjoy and love.

While browsing layouts and trying to get some inspiration for different types of layouts I wanted to create, I stumbled across a really nice page.

The creator had made a scrapbook page layout about her home and the things about her home she loved. I decided I definitely wanted to try this. So I took photos of all sorts of aspects of my home, as well as saving scraps from photos that I had cropped.

I really like how it turned out, and I wanted to share it with you.

Scrapbook Layout

I decided to title the page “Pieces of Home” since most of the pictures were cut down in size and only included a portion of the object.

I also decided to keep the layout simple by layering coordinating papers and using a torn look. I didn’t want to use embellishments at all, except in the title, and only page pebbles to create a “stepping stone” effect. I did place one small page pebble over the word love, which I then placed on top of a photograph of my favorite room in the house.

When choosing which photos to use, I first started with what I had. I cut out images I knew I wanted to use. If I didn’t like the way they looked then, I took a new photo to get a better angle or closer image. I also spent time walking through the house multiple times and really looking at each room, and item in the room to be sure I didn’t forget anything. When I found several items I wanted to photograph, I was able to group them together in a photo so I didn’t waste film. After all, I was cropping them to fit the layout. Nobody would know.

Some of the items I photographed are unique to the house such as the staircase which I’ve always loved, and the kitchen counters. Other items that I used are my collections, certain decorations and other items obtained only since we’ve lived in this house.

Scrapbook Layout
Scrapbook Layout

Because we move a lot, I also have decided to try and do one for future homes I live in, as well as some of the past homes. The past homes might be a bit more challenging and might require using only scraps of photos. Strangely, I do tend to photograph things I like, even when I’m not going to put them in a scrapbook. So I do have some photos that will work well.

I think you should create one too.