Piglets Big Movie

I have always been a really big Winnie the Pooh fan. When I was younger my entire room was filled with tons of Pooh stuffed animals. When you think of Winnie The Pooh characters the first to come to mind is usually Pooh, but Eeyore and Tigger are not far behind. Piglet, while gaining popularity is often left behind his superstar cartoon mates.

Being left behind is the premise for the plot of “Piglets Big Movie”. In the movie Piglet is left out of the honey harvest because he is too small. Like anyone who has been left out by their friends Piglet is hurt and upset and decides to leave the hundred acre woods.


Once Piglet is gone his friends start to realize how important Piglet is to them. His friends use Piglets scrapbook to search for him, discovering along the way all the things that Piglet does that makes Piglet great.

I think this is an absolutely fabulous children’s movie. I’ll be it I am a little biased being a Pooh fan, but I think this movie is entertaining for children and sends them a wonderful message.

It can be easy for children, and adults alike, to take their friends for granted or exclude them from activities they want to be a part of because they think that they will be unhelpful. The truth is, those friends all have an important place in our lives, and if that friend was to leave you, you would notice their absence.

This movie like the other Winnie The Pooh movies is appropriate for children of all ages, and is one you can feel confident letting your child watch without the fear of them seeing anything inappropriate.

Piglets Big Movie is rated G and is available where DVDs are sold as well as online at Amazon.com.

Children who like Piglets Big Movie will also enjoy The Tigger Movie.

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