Planning a Disney Vacation? Consider Kids Safety Bands

I got a great tip from one of our moms Adele (thanks Adele!) and I wanted to share it here. If you’re planning a trip to Disney World anytime soon, you may want to consider investing in a Kids Safety Band. You’ve seen the bands everywhere usually with a brand name on them or a notation of support for Breast Cancer or Missing in Action soldiers and more. These bands are taking a leaf out of those books, but they are designed just for your kids.

What I Like About Them

The cost is really reasonable, you can have the band custom made with the information you want on it whether it’s your name or just your cell phone number. The bands also come in a variety of sizes so that you can fit it on a child of the age of 2 or one who is the age of 10.

I like that the bands are a bright color and most kids will like them. They’re comfortable to wear and very noticeable. The company is working on brand identity at the moment, but we all know how it feels when one of our kids disappears on us and it’s a sickening feeling.

Disney World is a huge, complex series of amusement, water and retail areas. It’s really easy to take your eyes away for just a moment and lose sight of your child. Disney is also extremely good about helping parents locate their children and most kids can walk up to Disney Cast Members and get taken to the central hub where the Disney Cast will try to reach their parents. These bands make it that much easier.

What I Wouldn’t Recommend

Even on the very young children, I wouldn’t put their names on it. Names are easy for others to use to lure your kids, a cell phone number and a please call will help you get located as soon as possible and reunite you with your child. Also, the number is something to help older kids to remember. My daughter has my cell phone memorized, but these bands are good in case of an accident too.

The worst feeling a parent can have is not knowing where their kids are. For $4 – this is a good investment whether you are traveling to Disney World or anywhere else. Have you considered an investment in one?

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