Planning a Princess Tea on a Pauper’s Budget, Part 2

Yesterday I talked about planning aspects of a princess tea on a budget. Today I will continue to give you tips so you can create a special memory.

Decorations: Your secret weapon is tulle. Tulle can be purchased at many discount stores. If you must go to the fabric store use your monthly coupon. Tulle is easy to work with even for those who do not consider themselves crafty. A yard of tulle wrapped in a big bow around the back of the chairs will make all the girls feel like princesses. For a royal table carefully attach tulle from your dining room light to each corner of the table. You can make simple table runners by cutting your tulle six inches wide for several horizontal runners or eighteen inches for one vertical runner. Make sure it is long enough to flow over the sides of the table. About two inches below the point the fabric touches the edge of your table tie pretty ribbons and hot glue fake flowers at the center of the ribbon. Tulle will inspire you to create the perfect princess atmosphere at a low cost.

Inexpensive Party Food: To keep it simple plan your party after lunch. Little girls want to wear fancy crowns but their taste buds want simplicity. Take advantage of this cost saver and give it a creative twist. Use crown shaped cookie cutters to make adorable peanut butter and jelly tea sandwiches. Spread cream cheese on a tortilla, add salami, roll up neatly, and slice for pinwheel sandwiches. Mini cupcakes and bite size brownies make delicious desserts. If purchasing a cake is too expensive and you are not comfortable decorating there is no need to panic. Make cupcakes and place one in each guest’s tea cup. Adorn your cupcake by sprinkling on small candies, sprinkles, or edible glitter. Do not worry about using the tea cups since little girls will appreciate a big bowl of pink punch made from raspberry lemonade and lemon lime soda over hot tea.

Craft: Another party aspect with multiple uses is the craft. The craft can serve as the activity and the party favor. Foam crafts are inexpensive and come in a variety of activities from picture frames to crowns. You can make wands by attaching foam shaped crowns, stars, or butterflies to straws with tape then tie ribbon around the straw just under the foam shape. You can use puffy paint, permanent marker, or glitter glue to write each girl’s name on the foam shape.

With a little creativity even a small budget can plan a royal event. You can make your child’s party a storybook success if you just believe.

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