Planning a Scrapbook Crop

Hosting a crop at your house can be a fun way to share ideas and products with your friends. With so many scrappers in the room, hopes are high that the creative juices will start flowing.

I’d like to share a few tips for hosting a crop.

1. Choose a location. A home is a nice place to work if the number of people invited is small. Churches, libraries and community centers are also options if it won’t work out at your house.

2. Set up tables. Provide plenty of space. If you have the space, you could use four folding tables to create a big square table. Two people could sit on each side and then everyone faces the center of the table. Perfect for conversation and seeing what everyone else is working on.

3. Decide if you want to serve food. I suggest nothing that requires you to wipe your hands after eating (bad news for those layouts.) M & M’s are always a safe and yummy choice.

4. Set up a community table where everyone can place items that they are willing to share such as die cutting machine, paper trimmers, punches and stamps. Make sure everyone labels their stuff.

5. Set up an information station where everyone can bring magazines, ideas books and even completed albums to use for inspiration.

6. Offer a swap table or basket where your guests can trade their unwanted supplies with someone else. One man’s trash is another’s treasure!

7. Plan a contest. One idea is to have the guests create a nametag when they first arrive and have everyone vote on their favorite. You could have a small prize for the winner.

8. Provide plenty of trash cans, so that clean up will go quickly.

9. Suggest that everyone come with a project in mind and only bring the things they will need for the project. They will be able to accomplish so much with a little planning before they come.

Enjoy the night with your friends!

Do you have any other ideas or tips that you have about crops? I’d love to hear them!