Planning a Scrapbooking Get Together

Having a get together of any sort, with your scrapbooking friends, is a great way to share your ideas and creativity, as well as a great time to connect and bond with your friends. It seems as if a lot of work would go into planning some type of scrapbooking get together, and while it does take some work, it can be loads of fun to plan and you will have a great time if you follow these easy ideas.

Choose the Location, Date and Time

You might just wish to host it at your home, providing a more intimate and private party. Or you might look into the local community center, club house or church to see if you could host it at one of those locations. The location matters most because it will determine how many people you can invite and accommodate. The date and time will be another consideration. If you don’t choose well, you might run into many people not being able to attend, or you might not be able to rent the location you have chosen.

Choose a Theme

Use a theme or activity to center the event around. Perhaps a holiday is nearby, or you simply want to have a luau type party. You can choose and then plan activities, food and decorations around this theme. A party can be loads more fun if there is a theme involved, so at least give this some consideration.

Send Out Invitations

Be creative and make your own invitations for the event. If you are planning some type of theme, coordinate your invitations to go with the theme. Send them out in advance, so people have time to plan around the date. Keep a record of all those that you have invited, so you can call them when the date gets closer to double check on their RSVP (and give them gentle reminders about the upcoming event).

These are the three things you have to accomplish several weeks in advance. Once you have these all decided and completed, you can go about Setting the Scene of Your Scrapbook Get Together. Please check later for this next article in the series.