Planning for a New Baby

Planning for a new addition to your family? Having children is expensive, there is no way to argue with that. Still, there are definitely some ways to save money when it comes to providing for your little one.

Don’t buy all the gadgets. Don’t assume that just because most other people you know have a baby swing, a vibrating infant seat, a walker, a bouncer, and a play yard that you need all of these things too. You will probably want an item or two in order to keep your child pacified, but don’t assume that you will need them all. It might be best to wait until after the baby is born to see what items will be useful.

Dress a newborn simply. Considering spit-ups and leaky diapers, newborns (and older babies, too) will go through a few changes of clothes in a day. Buy simple and inexpensive clothes for your baby, since he or she will not spend much time in one outfit anyway. Onesies are great for hanging out around the house, especially in warmer weather. You really only need a few outfits in addition to these. Often, mothers get plenty of clothes as gifts and you may end up not having to buy much clothing at all for the first year.

Breastfeed. We all know that breastfeeding is the best nourishment for a baby. Conveniently, it’s the least expensive way to feed your infant too. Even if you have to rent or buy a breast pump, you will likely still save a lot of money over formula-feeding your child.

Buy simple, versatile toys. Babies are naturally curious about everything around them. Yours will likely enjoy playing with your TV remote or kitchen utensils just as much as he or she will like playing with his or her own toys. It is not necessary to buy expensive toys for a baby. Instead, look for toys that are simple and can last for years to come. It is also a good idea to look for toys that are sturdy and don’t require batteries. These are more likely to last and they won’t cost you money to keep them working.