Planning for the Next School Year

The year is quickly coming to a close. My county has about two weeks of school left in this school year (there are a couples of days that I did not count due to a trip or graduation).

While it can be very easy to get your mind set on sleeping late, making your own schedule, and not having to deal with school issues, teachers must begin thinking about the next school year very early.

Some teachers receive their homeroom class list before the summer break. They can begin getting materials ready and classroom supplies assigned to their students during the summer break. Some teachers also like sending out notes to their future students over the summer break.

In addition to getting ready for the next group of children, the classroom also has to be tended to. Most janitors clean and wax the floors over the summer break. Teachers are required to pack up and get items ready to be moved. Anything that is on the floor will need to come off.

Not only do teachers need to get their room packed up, they also must put it back together after the floors are finished. This must be done before the students arrive.

Many teachers also like to do some rearranging and redecorating from year to year. The same classroom seating and appearance can become annoying after viewing it every day for several years. Therefore it is nice to change things around, even if just a little, each year.

Teachers must also begin planning during the summer. Students will be in your class on day one and you need to be prepared. There may be letters that need to be typed to send out to parents. There may be things that you want to change for the next year and things that you want to do again. All of these must be considered.

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