Planning Your Scrapbooking Crop (2)

Now that we have begun our discussion on planning your scrapbooking crop and we have discussed the food and beverage, as well as the invitations, there are still a few other things we need to look at in hosting a scrapbooking crop. There are so many different ways to host one, you will need to decide if you want it to just be basic and simple, or if you want to follow a theme and decorate and have contests and more.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at two other areas of concern.

Supplies and Tools

Most crop hostesses offer the use of their tools, die cut machines and other supplies, when hosting a crop. You will need to consider placement of these items in relation to where everyone is scrapbooking to make the most use of space and time. It will be up to you on whether you also provide disposable supplies or even supply scissors. Most times, a basic supply kit is brought by the scrapbooker containing their adhesive, scissors and any other supplies they need to work on those pages. If the hostess sells any scrapbooking items, they are usually offered right there at the crop and each attendant can start a tab as they choose various items for their pages. They can then pay for them at the end. Don’t forget to provide things like rubber stamps and ink, decorative edged scissors, punches, templates and setting tools, etc.

Contests and Games

This is not a must have area at a scrapbooking crop, but it sure makes it more fun. You can have prizes for the most pages completed, the oddest subject matter scrapbooked, the person with the most albums completed, the person who finished a page first, the most talkative, the person who got the least amount of scrapbooking done (perhaps a page kit would be an awesome prize for that individual, person who arrived first, person who arrived latest (a cheap watch) and more. Brainstorm ideas beforehand, and you could even include that in the invitation somewhere so they have some goals to work on. I have dozens of ideas for games to suggest, but that can fit in its own article, so I will save that for later and watch the scrapbooking blog in the upcoming weeks to see those articles.

What are some other areas of concern you have in relation to hosting a crop at your house?

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