Plant a Kiss on Valentine’s Day


What happens when you plant a kiss… in the ground, not on your sweetheart’s cheek?

Will it blossom and grow into something unfathomably dazzling?

New York Times bestselling author Amy Krouse Rosenthal and award-winning illustrator Peter H. Reynolds have the answer in a simple yet sweet picture book–Plant a Kiss–that’s a perfect Valentine’s Day read.

The book begins with Little Miss planting a kiss in an unremarkable patch of dirt. The young girl watches and waits, waits and watches, and then waits some more. After some doubting and pouting, finally, there’s some shouting, as a tiny sprout emerges from the hard ground.

That small sprout eventually transforms into a spectacular series of pink and yellow sparkles and swirls.

Actually, it’s more like a glitter extravaganza.

And that’s when the mom in me wonders whether it’s worth finding out how the story ends.

Personally, I am not a fan of devil’s dust, and I know I am not alone.

Let’s face it moms; if you are going to purchase a book filled with glitter, you want to know that the iridescent embellishment will remain on the page and not make a new home on your kid’s fingers, clothes and hair.

Fortunately, our copy of Plant a Kiss hasn’t lost its sparkle.

Its glittery pages have stayed that way despite my young daughter’s less than gentle leafing, finger tracing and nail scratching.

Of course, even if the book wasn’t wallpapered with tiny pieces of razzle-dazzle, its sweet storyline would still come shining through.

The glitter-coated tale teaches kids about the joys of sharing, the magic of following your heart and what really happens when you cultivate a single kiss–“endless bliss.”

You can send your son or daughter to bed on Valentine’s Day with this sweet kiss of a book by visiting HarperCollins’ website. Or, look for it at major book stores nationwide.

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