Play Kitchen

When I was a little girl my friends across the street had child-sized kitchen appliances. They were wooden and made playing house much more fun and real-feeling. I wanted a kitchen of my own too. Every year for Christmas my parents gave me a brand new tea set. I loved playing with my dolls and tea sets were perfect for my pretend play. But I didn’t have a kitchen. I wanted a kitchen. I pleaded with my mom for a kitchen so I could be like my friends and play real house. My mom complied and got me a refrigerator and a stove. Unfortunately, the appliances were not child sized; they were doll sized. I was crushed with disappointment. How was I supposed to cook and clean with tiny appliances?

Children’s play kitchens have come a long way since I was a little girl. Today’s play kitchens are modern and sleek and can rival an actual kitchen. I’ve had my eyes on many different kitchens since Jessie started to get to an age when she would love playing with one.

When Jessie turned two, her Wonderful Auntie Leah gave her a tea set. We gave her a tubby toy tea set too. She understands all about having pretend tea parties and has them often with Daddy and me. Now that she’s three, she has a kitchen. We got her the Fisher-Price Grow with Me Cook and Care Kitchen. The kitchen can be short for little toddlers and taller for bigger toddlers. In the short mode there’s a dishwasher and fridge compartment in front. The taller mode adds an oven and microwave. There are burners that make sounds, a sink, seat for a doll, and a phone. We got the Fisher-Price Fun 2 Imagine Shopping Cart with the kitchen purchase. She couldn’t be happier.