Playhouse Disney Online

Okay, be honest…who doesn’t love the Disney Channel? I especially love the Disney Channel because of their quality programming for youngsters on Playhouse Disney. In addition to watching Playhouse Disney, my daughter and I often go to Playhouse Disney Online is a great way to supplement whatever your child has learned from the shows on Playhouse Disney. It is also a great site to just go to with your child and have fun.

Playhouse Disney Online features many of the Playhouse Disney shows, such as Little Einsteins, Higglytown Heroes, and JoJo’s Circus. Playhouse Disney also features five-minute shorts in between some of their shows. Playhouse Disney Online features episodes of those shorts so that you and your child can watch your favorite ones over and over again. In fact, my daughter loves “Johnny and the Sprites” so much that I often find myself watching it more than a couple of times a day on

Games and activities are available for almost all of the Playhouse Disney shows. My daughter enjoys watching the new “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” on Playhouse Disney. This show has several games that it features, and you can play some of these games on Playhouse Disney Online. It features a counting game, a pattern matching game, and even a slide puzzle game. For the ever popular “Little Einsteins,” Playhouse Disney Online features coloring pages and a game where your child can pick his/her favorite character to sing a part from a classical music composition.

Another part of Playhouse Disney is called Project Playtime. This part of the site generally features crafts and activities that you and your child can do together at home. The project usually depends on events going on in the Disney community. For example, when “Cinderella” was released on DVD for the first time, I believe the project for the month was making a princess purse. The projects are shown on Playhouse Disney, but they also give direction to go to for the materials lists and instructions. Project Playtime is another great way for you to spend time with your child.

Playhouse Disney begins on the Disney Channel every morning at 6 a.m/5 a.m. Central, but is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, Playhouse Disney Online also features a show guide as well as a TV schedule.

Visit now and open even more new doors for your child.